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Hitman was the nickname celebrities called me starting with Dinah Shore. I opened a PR agency to answer questions about Farrah Fawcett, her secret boyfriend Greg Lott and for the press that was covering the FUBAR moment in history. I now with that experience and with 24 years of marketing people and ideas provide Cross Platform Creative Media Strategies. I have no edit button, don’t really care much what people think, but think they are the funniest species on the planet. I provide my clients with solutions using both old and new media to market business, “but I actually SUCCEED”! I will blather on about op’s I’ve done in media, and the reactions we got both good and bad. I will most likely offend you…have fun living vicariously through my life. Oh, and I don’t write me because my grammar is bad and people call me “short”. I had to put up with that, when I was writing about Farrah, some ass would write me because one of my sentences didn’t have a comma. I went through the LA school system of course my grammar is bad. But my ideas will make you a “HIT”!